Veteran artist Dean Friedman’s new album ‘The Dean And I’ takes you on a thematic journey through time


The dean and me” are now available via Bandcamp, don’t miss it!

Released on January 24 under Darko’s independent label The Super “U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art”, “The Dean and I” is a 20-track album that explores the journey between artist and listener. A collection of original Dean songs remixed by Darko for his ‘Great White Buffalo’ album, all songs are timeless in terms of their lyricism and driving beats.

Both highly compelling and thought-provoking, it opens with a brilliant piece, “You’re Such a Flirt”, which features a soothing yet exuberant rhythmic flow that captivates audiences with its unique resonance. Her blissful and stannic vocal performance strikes a chord with listeners. The track ‘Lucky Star’ is an incredible duet depicting an unsettling relationship in the most loving and sublime way possible. The album features the best creation of Dean Friedman’s career like “Little Green Lady”, “Buy My Baby a Car”, “Let Down Your Hair”, “Are You Ready Yet”, and more. Indeed, this project once again confirms Friedman’s status as one of the finest songwriters of his generation.

“The Dean And I” is now available on band camp. Follow the artist on Facebook, instagramand Twitter for more updates on his upcoming works.

Check out the song on Bandcamp:

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