Ty’ego is more than a recording artist



Ty’ego is an artist in the truest sense of the word. His creativity among various mediums cannot be replicated by many. Throughout his eight songs, a 21-minute project, you see each side of the multitalented recording artist. It Was Nothing Personal presents exciting guest verses from Hunt jay & L. Smith. Both acts did what they had to do when their turn came to shine. Although the project is substantial throughout, the tracks that stand out for me are “Iknoikno, “Someone,” and “toxicEach disc captures a different side of Ty’ego.

It was nothing personal Blanket

Any music fan who is a fan of Lil tecca, Pop Smoke, Where Lil tjay would be able to find moments on Ty’ego’s new project to vibrate too. In addition, he used his talent to create other mass consumer products. He is also CEO and chief designer of the bubbling clothing store www.madbeeurbanwear.com. The dynamic brand already has customers in several cities. Growing up in New York City, hustle and bustle is something Ty’ego was born with. Lately, he even embarked on creative projects with TraxNYC celebrity jewelry in 2019. His potential as a designer and businessman is unmatched.

Peep his latest LP, and It was nothing personal, below today!



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