Two remastered Big Star records will be back on paper this fall


Big Star’s first two influential albums, 1972 # 1 Registration and 1974 Radio city, which have been grouped into one # 1 Record / Radio City two-for-one album for years, will again be available for purchase as separate albums on September 2nd. Stax Records, which distributed the LPs through sound engineer John Fry’s label Ardent Records, has remastered both albums from their original analog tapes and will also offer the discs digitally in mastered for iTunes and high audio formats. resolution. Former REM bassist Mike Mills, who is a die-hard fan of the power-pop group, also contributed new cover notes for the releases.

Big Star’s “No.1 Recording” and Top 100 First Albums of All Time

“Songwriting has always been, for me, the most vital measure of a band’s quality, and these guys were clearly masters,” Mills said in a statement. “Big Star has given you something satisfying to listen to no matter how many times you’ve heard them.”

Mills also performs with all-star band Big Star Third, with members of the dBs, the Posies and original Big Star drummer Jody Stephens, the only musician who performed on the first two albums who is still alive.

Guitarist-singer Chris Bell, who has only performed on # 1 Registration, died in a car accident in 1978. Guitarist-singer Alex Chilton and bassist Andy Hummel, who brought the band to life with Stephens on Radio city, both died in 2010 of a heart attack and cancer, respectively.

“Very happy to see these two come out with the sound approval of John Fry,” Stephens said in a release on the re-releases. “Grateful for Chris, Andy and Alex and for Jon [Auer, guitar and vocals] and Ken [Stringfellow, bass and vocals]. The journey of music continues.

“All I can say is these are the best projects I’ve ever worked with and the best artists and friends I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing,” Fry said. “I love the music and the cast of the characters: Chris, Alex, Andy and Jody. I think fans will be delighted with the sound and the packaging. They might need to turn up the volume a bit, as we didn’t want to remove the analog dynamic range. Sit back and enjoy the definitive digital versions of # 1 Registration and Radio city, two of my three favorite albums.

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