The piety of a recording studio is very important to me: Shashaa Tirupati


The musician says she was thrilled when she returned to a recording studio after months at home during the ongoing pandemic

Even though the fear of an impending third wave is great, most industries have started working in full force. As for the music industry, some have resumed live concerts and others have started studio recordings again. As Shashaa Tirupati returned to a recording studio a few months after creating and recording songs from home, she was hit with nostalgia.

She says: “The pandemic is still ongoing. But when things got a bit better and I went back to a studio, I felt like I was stepping into it for the very first time. I felt exactly like 20 years ago.

Although Tirupati has been used to the comforts of working from home, she says the experience of a studio recording is unparalleled. “We all became comfortable recording from home. I am happy that many singers have become independent. But a studio is a very divine space. I never wear my shoes inside a studio. The piety of the place is very important to me,” she remarks.

The Mono singer Beena (Gold; 2018) has been putting music tutorial videos on her YouTube channel for about five years now. It helped her keep in touch with budding musicians and music lovers to keep in touch when the whole world went through a lockdown.

“These videos help a lot of up-and-coming singers who are passionate about learning the little leads I sang in my song and the nuances of how I blunt. Most of the songs I sang are quite difficult. They took me forever to record them. So I can imagine how difficult they will be for a novice! In my tutorials, I also talk about my experience working in the studio and collaborating with different composers,” says- she.

Tirupati adds, “I used to teach music to students between the ages of four and 82 before. So many people consider taking classes in their mid-twenties and they want to know if they’re too old to start. Through my tutorials, I also tell them that there is no ideal age to start.

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