The latest track from recording artist PettySagg, “I’m On The Way”, has finally arrived!



When it comes to cultural and language barriers, music transcends them all. Music brings people together, it is emotional and it connects people to their culture. It is found in all societies and regions of the world. That’s not all.

Music also helps us with our creativity and is a great way to express ourselves. And we’re kind of okay with that, as is our recording artist PettySagg, who has his innovative hand on Jamaican music.

After a long wait, PettySagg finally released the track “I’m On The Way,” which has pretty much become the song of choice in Jamaican homes.

Who is PettySagg?

PettySagg’s music features literary language, catchy rhythms and memorable tunes. With its unique sound it is often on playlists and its streaming stats are increasing day by day.

His incredible inventiveness and talent propelled him to sonic heights and became a powerhouse in the recording industry.

PettySagg, known for having a distinct feel, grew up in a Jamaican home and combines many genres to produce a unique sound with Caribbean and Jamaican elements.

He views music as a vehicle for artistic expression and enjoys using it to communicate the hopes and anxieties of modern life.

PettySagg and “I’m on my way”:

“I’m On The Way”, a cheerful and inspiring song to start the day, is already in the Top 5 Trending Songs for Longbeach radio station and is bursting with originality and good energy.

The energetic words, filled with complex sounds and diversity of melodies, will encourage listeners to delve deeper into the music galaxy.

PettySagg and his upcoming projects:

PettySagg is set to surface by releasing a series of tracks on September 17, 20 and 23, until the release of his album “Lifestyle Of The Unconventional”, which he credits to influencers like Jay Z, Coldplay and Sunni Colon. for making it sound unusual and seductive.

So, keep an eye on its social media platforms and Spotify.

Where can PettySagg be found?

You can contact PettySagg via Instagram. You can also find his music on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.



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