The country music star is recording a deeply personal new song


CREEDMOOR – Singer-songwriter Jason Michael Carroll has never been one to shy away from difficult subject matter in his songs.
As he did with his tearful, smashing 2007 hit “Alyssa Lies” which dealt with child abuse, Carroll’s most recent attempt, “Tell Me Your Name” (Diane’s song), also hits close. from is home.
It deals with Alzheimer’s disease, which Carroll’s stepmother, Diane, has now lived with for about ten years.
Carroll shared part of the conversation he had with his wife, Wendy.
“Doctors told us she was too young when Wendy and I brought up our concerns that something was wrong with Diane,” he said. “She’s been battling Alzheimer’s, we think, since she was 55. She’s now 65.”
According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in nine people age 65 or older has Alzheimer’s disease.
“I wrote the song ‘Tell Me Your Name’ with my buddy Johnny Orr, who originally came up with the idea because of his grandmother,” Carroll said.
“When I heard the idea, I asked Johnny if I could write it with him. I explained that there are days now when Wendy’s mother doesn’t remember her” , did he declare.
“The song was so personal when we finished it that I knew when we were going to shoot the video I wanted it to be personal as well.”
Carroll shot the music video in the house where Wendy grew up in Creedmoor.
“I wanted to use our family and shoot it in a ‘home video’ type vibe,” Carroll said. “I called up my friend Brett Bortle – who produced my ‘Meet Me In The Barn’ and ‘Hurry Home’ music videos as well as a few movies I’ve been in – and let him know what I thought of the video. He understood exactly what I was looking for and we started planning the shoot.
Carroll’s emotional delivery of the heartbreaking lyrics, “Tell me your name, I feel like I know you, like I’ve seen you more than a few times,” shows how Alzheimer’s can be devastating to the individual and the family that provides love, support and comfort on an ongoing basis.
“Filming was difficult at times – Diane really didn’t know who the family members were and didn’t remember crucial moments in the family’s history – but I’m really happy with everything we captured,” Carroll said.


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