RPI students build a small recording studio


Luke Korzenko and Aida Ayuk could have spent the summer recovering from a busy school year. Instead, the two RPI architecture students will spend much of their time outdoors, building a recording studio.

“We spend a lot of time designing in architecture school, and we really wanted to build something on a large scale,” says Korzenko.

Both are experimenting with low impact construction. The whole mobile recording studio will fit on an old caravan.

The idea is to create something that can travel to people instead of making people travel.

“We’re interested in ways that different communities, whether it’s public libraries, community centers, people who don’t have much access to resources, could replicate that,” Ayuk says.

When finished, the studio will look a bit like a shed, but inside there will be everything someone needs. Theoretically, the studio will be able to travel to different neighborhoods so people can use the space.

The project is largely crowd-funded through things like their GoFundMe page. Friends, family members and local builders donated money and building materials.

“If people were to replicate a model like this, it would depend on what materials you can reuse, what kind of donations you get, what you have available,” Ayuk says.

They want to make sure it is used and reused to meet the needs of the community. The hope is that the project will be completed by mid-August.


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