Relocation of a local audio and video recording studio to downtown Denison


DENISON, Texas (KXII) – A local recording studio has found a new home in downtown Denison. Why they chose Denison.

“The success of Split Window makes downtown Denison even more prosperous,” said William Myers, vice president of business development for the Denison Development Alliance.

Denison Development Alliance approved the company’s proposal to move into the pre-existing studio on Main Street.

“The activity and the energy they generate help generate more enthusiasm in the community. It brings new people to town, ”Myers said.

They partnered up with Split Window Studios in their project with a 15% incentive rebate for micro-manufacturing.

“Denison’s culture seemed to match our goals and objectives,” said Tony Giarraputo, owner of Split Window Studios.

To enhance the 3,000 square foot studio for audio and video recording.

“It’s always a dream to have these top 40 records or to have these award winning video productions that get recognized for all the effort and passion you put into the project,” said Giarraputo.

Giarraputo says that a big factor in their decision to relocate was the city’s recent designation as a music-friendly community.

“It highlights cities that are welcoming to musicians and music, and artists will see these cities as a place they want to come to play or record a record,” said Giarraputo.

“A lot of great musicians here, a lot of great artists and to have the state and the city behind us is huge,” said studio engineer and producer Chris Romain.

Romain has worked in studios all over the United States and calls their new studio a diamond in the rough with their cutting edge equipment and the studio’s classic acoustic design.

“We bring a vintage solid state mixer, it’s a 4000g + which is one of the most popular mixers in the industry,” Giarraputo said.

“Probably one of the most famous consoles of all time. For him to live in a Russ Berger studio, that’s really going to make him a national destination, ”said Romain.

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