Recording artist Tynch released his debut studio album, titled “Street Stains”



Each person has a unique way of expressing their story of adversity; some continue to complain about their difficulties. While others simply use them to their advantage, they not only grow taller, but they also make sense of their struggles and help others stay positive and motivated. And recording artist, Tynch is one of those who gave his struggles a beautiful face in the form of music.

Tynch made a significant entry into the music industry with his debut studio album “Street Stains”. The album, centered on his daily struggles, illustrates his mental and professional growth over the years using music as an outlet to express his emotions in an authentic and artistic way. This 10 track album by Tynch is a phenomenal piece of work that is sure to delight audiences as most of them will be able to relate to the tracks as struggles and hardships are inevitably part of people’s lives. .

His lyrics are thoughtful, passionate and thoughtful, in addition to being moving, whimsical and creative. Tynch’s music has a distinct flavor that comes through in all of his songs. The album “Street Stains” begins with the intro of Street Stains, a charming and thoughtful song to listen to. The hip-hop artist has managed to give depth to his solo album.

Better known by his stage name Tynch, Tyler is a professional musician, producer and sound engineer. He created Southside King Productions, through which he creates excellent music for his audiences. Tynch is from Memphis, Tennessee, striving to create amazing music, amazing lyrics, and great beats for fans. He is constantly working on sound quality, as evidenced by his debut studio album “Street Stains”. Tynch enjoys experimenting with various styles of music in order to appeal to a diverse audience.

“Street Stains” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. Follow Tynch on Twitter for more information on his music to come.



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