Recording artist Savoy Ellis returns to his roots and brings soul back to the music industry as he releases highly anticipated album



After T-Pain’s first release, it seems every artist feels the need to use “Auto-tune,” even the vocalists. Savoy Ellis, an extremely gifted singer, songwriter, and producer, put together an entire album that contained real pure vocals, something the industry hasn’t seen or heard in a long time. Some artists don’t need automatic tuning, and Savoy Ellis is one of them.

Burbank, CA – July 26e, 2021 – Singer, songwriter and producer Savoy Ellis has announced the release of his debut album, “The Love Album,” on August 19, 2021. There was quite a buzz in the music industry leading up to the release of Savoy Ellis, as he is known to have an incredible voice, something the music industry has been missing in recent years. The soul and Afrobeat infused first single from his new album is called “Favorite Song” and stars Remey Williams.

Savoy Ellis grew up around music because both of his parents were musicians, and they both had a deep affinity for Gospel and Soul music. Her mother was an accomplished pianist, while her father was a singer, who later became an executive in the music industry. Growing up, Savoy imitates his father, watches him sing in the church choir, and trains with him at home. It was these precious moments that instilled an old-fashioned sense of soul, character and soul grain that now separates Savoy’s music from the similarly sounding musicians of today. Savoy is a graduate of Hampton University and has now dedicated his life to perfecting his craft and bringing back the ‘old-fashioned concept of the soul’.

In a recent interview, Savoy Ellis said, “The story I want to tell with this album is something that I think everyone can relate to: heartbreak. Everyone is going to be heartbroken at some point in life. The question is how to bounce back? Better or bitter? I have been on both sides. So for this album, I wanted to tell this story in a way that people could tap into their own story and see the similarities, but also the possibilities. “

Savoy Ellis’ debut album, “The Love Album” features artists such as Breland, Derran Day, Blaze Johnson Jr. and many more.

To learn more about Savoy Ellis or to listen to his debut album, visit his official website at Follow Savoy Ellis on Instagram and Twitter @savoyellis.

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