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Recording artist, LuckyLou, kicks off summer by bringing a different kind of heat to his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. LuckyLou Live In Concert will take place at Cafe Istanbul on May 27 and will include special performances by HANSOM DEVOL, J. Holmes and MP Deezy. DJ Money Mitch spins for the night.

Recording artist, Jermy Earl Tassin, better known as LuckyLou, is thrilled to perform his new single ‘Nasty’ for the first time at home after it was given an anthem for the thick women via TikTok with his lyrics “she goes well with them thick thighs, pretty and plus size”. It will certainly be an unforgettable evening with lots of energy, doping music and lots of sex appeal.

For many, luck is something much sought after, but for Jermy “LuckyLou” Tassin, it’s something that comes naturally. Born in New Orleans, LA in 1986, LuckyLou knew he had a gift most didn’t – a gift for entertaining.

Over the years, he has shared this gift as an artist and public figure not only with those in New Orleans, but with the entire country. His EP, Roses, is well versed and is a call for people to stop waiting for tragedy to strike and recognize and support artists. His raw lyrics make people think on a deeper level and challenge the way societies think.

His new single “Nasty” shows his elevation, not just as an artist, but as a man. Its previous image and sound were uplifting and inspiring, but its evolution has brought out a bolder, direct, and alluring LuckyLou. Nasty’s credits include: engineering and recording by Steve at FSP Recording Studio in Kansas City, Kansas, producer is acclaimed songwriter and producer Morgan Matthews of Universal Music Publishing Group, and the cover of the album was photographed by Antonyio Powell. The Nasty Is video on Youtube and the song is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

General admission tickets are $15 and VIP tickets are $100, which includes a post-show bus ride to infamous Bourbon Street with LuckyLou. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite at while stocks last.

Jerry “Lucky Lou” Tassin
PO BOX 68 ECHO, LA 71330
Press contact: Ashley A. Love, press officer

ABOUT LUCKYLOU: Born in New Orleans, LA in 1986, LuckyLou knew he had a gift most didn’t – a gift for entertaining. Being the only boy in his all-girl family allowed him not only to play a somewhat dominant role, but also to mature at an early age. Raised by his grandmother and mother, LuckyLou understood what it meant to be a strong individual thanks to the strength of the women around him. Thus, he learned to be strong in character because he was able to express himself with his family and was able to pursue his dreams.

Over time, LuckyLou began to embrace her sense of music and her passion for dancing. As he began to find his groove physically and vocally, he began performing in front of his family and friends to what he thought was his own style of music and dance. Soon LuckyLou began to focus on his music as he merged his love for rapping with a need for clean, uplifting music and eventually came up with what can be called inspirational rapping. Listening to him, his friend felt that his sound had the ability to reach beyond just his family and close friends and encouraged him to expand his sound to others. Heeding his friend’s advice, LuckyLou began to pursue his music as his career in earnest.

Moving forward and wanting to make a change, LuckLou opened ErmyLou Records where he can help other budding artists reach their potential. Piloting the ship of both manager and label owner, he found himself making a change from within. Thanks to his leadership experience, his passion for music and his growth, LuckyLou was able to form a dynamic team. “Through Christ I am moved. He guides me every step of the way. I believe I can help others reach their potential and I will do my best to do so. I am not just trying to advance my career, but also anyone who is inspired by God and wants me to help them,” says LuckyLou.

Starting his career on the right track, LuckyLou released a mixtape titled Destine and the singles, That Ninja Cold, LuckyLou With It and Gimmy which have all been released and are now available on iTunes. He also created an EP Called Intersection which became well known for the hit Stomp the Violence. One of his most notable releases was the EP Roses which included a song of the same name, Roses, which is a call to all, especially in the entertainment industry, to give people their roses while they are still there to enjoy. LuckyLou’s new single, Nasty, shows his transformation from a sweet and inspiring artist and man to a bold and seductive LuckyLou.
Tiktok: @4luckylou

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