Recording artist Katy Nichole reveals she tried to end her life until Jesus spoke to her


Recording music artist Katy Nichole reveals how she tried to end her life as she struggled until Jesus spoke to her: ‘I’m not done yet. You have to hang on. »

Christian singer Katy Nichole

Award-winning Christian artist Katy Nichole opened up about her story in an interview with CBN News. She shared her difficult journey before receiving her big break as an artist.

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Katy has apparently battled her scoliosis since birth. And as she got older, her condition worsened to the point that she had to undergo surgery. So, she underwent the procedure in 2015 only to come out of it in “a lot of pain.”

At this time, Katy often felt “excruciating pain” that lasted for years. Soon, her struggle caused her to become depressed.

“I literally felt like a cloud of smoke had just consumed my life,” recalls the singer. “I knew God was there. I knew he was in it with me. But I couldn’t see Him.

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try to end his life

More so, Katy felt trapped in her own skin and her depression became overwhelming. Pain and suffering had taken over her whole life and she wanted to give up.

As a result, the Christian artist thought of ending his life by overdosing on the pills. So she grabbed a bottle of pills and went to her bathroom. But before she could put her plan into action, the pills fell to the floor. Then she heard the Lord: “I haven’t finished yet. You have to hang on. »

From that day on, Katy found hope and clung to God’s Word despite the despair. And it wasn’t until three years later that God gave him a miracle.

Katy underwent another life-threatening surgery to remove the metal rods and screws inside her body. After waking up, Katy saw “the light for the first time” again.

“That cloud of smoke, it had separated and I knew Jesus was in that room,” she testified. “I knew he had placed a purpose in my life. And I certainly don’t mean making TikTok videos. I don’t mean standing on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. I mean Jesus is in me and that I live each day striving to be more like Christ.

What a powerful testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of God!

Reference | Faithwire

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