Recording Artist Garfield Releases New Song “Aaliyah Interlude” In Collaboration With Syn


Listen to the song ‘Interlude Aaliyah ‘ by artist Garfield in collaboration with the singer, Syn. It’s a captivating piano-focused track with mixed musical flavors.

Brooklyn-based musical artist Garfield changes his career with the release of his latest track, ‘Interlude Aaliyah ‘. The artist collaborated with fellow musician Syn for this song and emerged as the best mixed musical verse of contemporary standards. The track is the perfect amalgamation of hip hop and trap flavors. Committed from start to finish, the two artists do everything they can to stand out through their creativity. The song was also instrumental in the artist’s career, as its release led to the signing of his very first distribution deal with Sony Orchard under the management of The Stachehaus, a KMG brand powered by The Orchard.

Born Harold Rogers, Garfield started his career as a collaborating artist for other hip hop musicians. Before its breakthrough with ‘Interlude Aaliyah ‘he became popular with the single “Just a Friend” with Ocho Arky. This song also helped him land his very first record label deal and there has been no looking back since then. His music and production are very adaptable and therefore welcome different genres and styles to be a part of his journey. You can listen to his new song on Spotify. To stay informed of his latest projects and news, follow him on Instagram.

Check out the song on Spotify:


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