Recording artist and global speaker set to take over the podcasting world on YouTube with his new show ‘Modern Melbourne Man’


Award-winning artist and global speaker Neo Pitso heralds a new dawn, hosting a new podcast that tackles thought-provoking relationship-centric topics while simultaneously revealing the inner workings and mindset of the modern man.

The Modern Melbourne Man podcast will premiere on March 1 and its raw, uncut format is already being touted as a standout and Australian premiere.

The podcast will delve deeper into the idea of ​​misogynoir and discuss the current fad that permeates social media; where men with opinions different from the mainstream are demonized and labeled as misogynists. Despite the heavy content, the podcast will have a light-hearted approach as it reveals whether or not modern men are indeed misogynistic or simply misunderstood.

As a respected artist who has toured with heavy hitters such as NAS and The Game, Neo seeks to use his influence to help men and women improve their relationships. By putting a magnifying glass on the thoughts of men, Neo creates a platform for women to understand their fathers, husbands and boyfriends on a deeper level.

In anticipation of the premiere, Neo Pitso has already introduced himself to viewers through a series of videos on YouTube. The videos have already been talked about, further increasing the anticipation. He laid a solid foundation by exploring topics like body positivity and also allowed fans to submit relationship questions which he answers in an informative yet fun way.

“Have you ever tried chocolate covered cockroaches Mike?” Maybe you should! Have you ever been part of a cult Mike? Maybe you should join a cult, Mike.” This comic advice is given to a young man complaining of leading a boring life and having trouble talking to women. Don’t let the humorous approach fool you, Neo ends up going the extra mile by giving the viewer some solid advice on how to improve their confidence, become interesting, and ultimately learn how to relate to women.

“I broke up with my ex-fiancée after 12 years. 12 years a slave *laughs*. Honestly, I sacrificed myself to help others, maybe I should call myself Neezus,” he jokes when asked what ultimately led him to podcasting.

“There is no Oprah or The View for men. Essentially, we dissect men’s innermost thoughts and lay them bare for women to face and accept. The idea that men are those emotionless automatons who prefer socks and ties as gifts is a false narrative. I’m tired of having socks for my birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day! Give us for free! “. Behind the humor, there is a real passion in his voice and a determination to see the podcast become a success.

Neo’s unique ability to navigate taboo topics with panache makes him a refreshing addition to the world of podcasting. His eloquence has fans and peers who praise him. His co-host Nobesuthu had this to say about him:

“One thing I want to say publicly and to you too is that I admire your drive…I appreciate that you challenge me as a person and that your constant pursuit of individuality is sexy.”

It remains to be seen if Neo can replicate the same success he is enjoying in hip hop, on his show Modern Melbourne Man. The show will also feature a large number of guests from across Australia. Neo promised that his first guest would be an infamous socialite who doesn’t shy away from controversy.

The rapper extraordinaire recently hit a milestone as his hit “Monopoly” topped 100,000 streams on Spotify. Everything he touches turns to gold. That said, however, Neo clarifies that when it comes to podcasting, the idea is not “…to try to monopolize but rather to capitalize on a growing industry and get a significant slice of the pie.”

The Modern Melbourne Man Podcast will be available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Audible.

You can follow Neo on Instagram @TheOnlyNeo.


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