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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., December 6, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Ana Cristina Cash, 36, a prominent musical artist from South florida who resides in Nashville, Tennessee holds a master’s degree in creative writing and literature from Harvard University in November 2021. After three and a half years of participation in the graduate program at Harvard University based in Cambridge, MA both on campus and online, she is now one of the that of Harvard Distinguished Alumni, which includes many of the world’s leading leaders, from the United States. Presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500.

Already an accomplished singer-songwriter who performs frequently on stages such as the Grand Ole Opry, Ms. Cash plans to use her knowledge to further her literary endeavors, including fictional novels, while continuing to write and record. new music albums. Before obtaining his master’s degree Harvard, she obtained a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from Florida International University. “I am so happy that I completed the Graduate Program in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard. Growing up, my family emphasized the importance of having an education for me. Even when I signed my first contract major recording with Sony Music as a teenager while working with Grammy Award-winning professionals on my projects, my dad encouraged me to stay in school while working in the entertainment industry and emphasized the value of a well-rounded education. His advice stood out in me and I hope I can inspire young aspiring artists to stay in school and not give up, despite the success they may acquire in the process. industry. Knowledge is valuable. “

Ana Cristina’s The most recently published poem she wrote titled “Resilient” can be found in the book What Doesn’t Kill Her: Women’s Stories of Resilience. The book was co-authored and edited by Kerry Garvin and dr. Elisabeth sharp mcketta. Ana bonded with the two women while she was a student at Harvard and the book was published by Harridan and Strumpet Books.

Ana Cristina Cash was raised in Miami, Florida. Ana, of Cuban origin, is bilingual and began a professional career in music at the age of six. She quickly became an accomplished singing contest champion on the Univision Network variety show, “Sabado Gigante”. Ana’s recordings showcase her wide vocal range, from a deep resonant contralto to an incredible soprano, revealing what some call a “whistle register”. Ana signed with Sony Music’s Latin division at the age of 15 and recorded her debut album, Ana Cristina, in Spanish language. In 2004 she was nominated for the Premio Lo Nuestro Award. The following year, she became the first Hispanic American to perform the “Star-Spangled Banner” during President Bush’s presidential inauguration in 2005. In 2016, Ana married a music producer, John Carter Cash, and has since written and recorded music primarily in the Country and Pop genres. She made her Grand Ole Opry debut, performing her own original songs, in 2019. Ana released her vacation album, “My christmas Collection ”in 2018 and their most recent album,“ Shine ”was released in 2020. Regarding“ Shine, ”Billboard Magazine said,“ It’s fair to say that Ana Cristina Cash Shine is the first full statement of a new career path for the singer. Ana has made other notable appearances, most notably at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Madison Square Garden, and various other major sporting events. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two children, Grace June Cash and James kristoffer cash.

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