Raleigh Music Publishing signs prolific Brooklyn-based artist/producer Croosh


Raleigh Music Publishing announces the signing of prolific Brooklyn-based artist/producer Croosh.

Since 2016, Croosh has released over 110 songs while expanding their fan base with each new release. With nearly one million Spotify listeners, his 2020 single “RIP” has been streamed across all platforms over 40 million times.

As a child, moving around a lot before settling in Los Angeles at age 12, Croosh got to see the world of entertainment up close before locking himself in his path. Never shy about showing his true self, he draws inspiration for his songs directly from his own life experiences and displays them against catchy sounds to create universal tunes without losing a sense of himself in the process. A methodical musician, Croosh approaches art like a musical actor – embracing the film that plays in each of his songs and embodying the stories told. Channeling influences from Anthony Kiedis to Jimi Hendrix, Croosh approaches full achievement with every song – his personality is on full display in his vast catalog.

“Having been a fan of Croosh for years now, I greatly appreciate coming full circle to be able to officially work with him. He is extremely versatile in his artistic approach and his abilities as a producer. ‘welcome to the Raleigh Music roster and we look forward to helping her career reach new heights,’ said Ben O’Connell, Raleigh Music Director, A&R.

“I want to thank Raleigh Music Group for seeing my vision and reaching out to me. I believe we will do many great things together and I am excited to work with their team moving forward,” said Croosh.

Global Music Publisher, Raleigh Music Group, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, was founded in 2016 by longtime music executives Peter Raleigh and Steven Storch. The company, which prides itself on providing high quality customer services, represents the iconic catalogs of Elvis Presley, George Gershwin, Jr. Walker, Anthony Newley, Bo Diddley, Lords of the Underground, Willy Deville and Muhammad Ali. The company also publishes a selection of contemporary artists, composers and producers, including composer Randy Edelman, Melissa Ferrick, Shawn James, Tarro, Anthony Russo, Elko, OBN Jay, Jack Larsen, Victor Internet, ISLAND and Mika Means.


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