Paula Abdul and many influencers endorse recording artist and TikTok star anthem “Be Myself” Montana Tucker


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Watch the official “Be Me” video here:

Universal Music artist and TikTok mega star last month Montana tucker associated with Todrick Room to release the uplifting anthem and PRIDE theme song “Be myselfThe track, which focuses on the themes of self-acceptance and pride no matter what obstacles one may face, has already garnered hundreds of thousands of feeds and views. The song is already went viral on TikTok and was # 1 on several TikTok editorial playlists. MTV has now added the high-rotating video. It was such a hit that the dancing queen herself, Paula Abdel, has teamed up with Tucker, who she says is “like a girl” to her, to create an “old school meets new school” TikTok to get fans swooning and spreading the message.

Watch Paula and Montana collaborate here:

And Abdul wasn’t the only fan of the smash hit making a viral video – thousands of people joined in the challenge, including a mini cutie on the internet. Brody Hudson Schaffer, whose interpretation of the challenge posted on his mother’s account has garnered tons of views and stolen the hearts of people around the world. Others, like the world famous model Grace Strobel who made waves in the fashion industry as a stunning model with Down syndrome, has come to support the anthem as the message continues throughout Disability Pride Month. “Being bullied myself, I know how much that hurts and affects how you feel about yourself,” she said. “Agree without apologizing to who you are! Believe in yourself and in your worth to the world.”

And more good news – for every video made of the song with the hashtag #BeMyselfChallenge, ZUMBA, who used the song as an anthem for their PRIDE campaign in classes in over 186 countries, will donate. $ 1 to the It gets better organization.

To hear the song, watch the video, and see Montana’s Times Square Billboard take over, click here.

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Montana tucker is an award-winning singer / songwriter, dancer, actress and social media sensation, best known for her work alongside some of the biggest names in music such as Pitbull, Florida, and Ashanti. She is widely adored by her combined sequel on 10M through platforms to create viral dances on TIC Tac with well-known stars, and shared the stage with Ciara, Lil wayne and JLo, to only cite a few. Following the success of his recent singles like Hello & “funny sunday day“, recently dropped Montana DooWop” andBe myself“featuring the social media mega-star Todrick Room, both via Universal music group. A role model for so many, Montana has always been a strong advocate for inclusion and acceptance in all walks of life. His world famous musical project “I’m not alone“received praise from the community for” saving the lives “of those who are lost, confused or depressed, and contributes to the community as National’s” Celebrity Champion ” Alzheimer Association. Montana has just announced its big plan to create a music and dance program with Miami Jewish Health that will integrate movement and brain chemistry to improve the well-being of people with dementia. Read more about it here: IBTimes. It will be deployed worldwide and the aim is to help millions of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease stimulate different parts of their brain, stay active, improve their well-being and bring joy. in their days. Follow Montana on Instagram at

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