Owner of local recording studio shot, robbed; 2 convicts


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men were convicted of aggravated robbery after shooting and robbing a recording studio owner in south Memphis, according to the district attorney’s office.

The incident happened in July 2018 at IMOB Swag Heavy Studios on South Dudley Street. Investigators said Corey Brown, 31, recorded a song at the studio the day before filming under the name “Goon Corleone”.

Brown arrived at the studio the next day with Christopher Bolden, 31, for another recording session. According to the press release, the owner was hit with a pistol and shot twice in the leg.

Brown and Bolden then stole cash from the owner’s pockets and took a video monitor hooked up to a surveillance system. Investigators said Brown and Bolden did not take the DVR box that showed them leaving the studio with the monitor and an assault rifle wrapped in a shirt.

As they were leaving the studio, one of the men stepped over the owner and shot him again in the shoulder. Investigators said the bullet was still in the owner’s body, lodged near his spine.

Brown and Bolden also have prior convictions and face 15 to 25 years without the possibility of parole.

Both are expected to be sentenced in June 2022.


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