Oklahoma recording artist aspires to be Oklahoma’s next big star


The list of music superstars who call Oklahoma home is long. From Garth to Toby, the list keeps growing. An Oklahoma artist hopes to add her name to the list of legends.

She goes by the name Brizee and aspires to be Oklahoma’s next big star.

“I feel like I have big shoes to fill, but you know, I also feel capable of anything,” Brizee said.

The seed of music was planted for Brizee in high school.

“I was able to go to an amazing high school, Harding Fine Arts for my senior year and it really pushed me into fine arts,” Brizee said.

She remembers her friends and family seeing her talents and encouraging her to enter a karaoke contest.

“So I went out on a branch and went ahead and did the karaoke contest and ended up winning,” Brizee said.

It was the spark she needed to pursue her music.

“Feeling the energy of the crowd and feeling like that, that’s where I had to be,” Brizee said.

She has performed on some of the biggest stages in the world, including The Appollo. At her husband’s request, she booked studio time and recorded songs by other artists, but it didn’t go so well with her producer.

“Next time you come here, I want you to bring your own things. He said you were too talented not to write your own stuff,” Brizee said.

Brizee writes songs to help his listeners.

“It’s really my main goal is to be an encouragement and just to help people,” Brizee said.

She records at Castle Row Studio, a studio used by Lil’ Wayne, Afro Man and even Blake Shelton, sending her message to the world.

“I really have a heart for people and that’s really my main goal is to reach people and reach their hearts,” Brizee said.

Brizee is putting the finishing touches on her EP, and she expects it to be released later this summer. You can listen to excerpts of his music and follow the progress of his new project on his website www.brizeemusic.com


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