New Zealand rapper Lil Mussie has opened charity recording studio in Los Angeles


New Zealand charity Bread foundation, founded by Kiwi rapper Lil Mussie, opened a music studio in Los Angeles to help underprivileged children.

The news follows the opening of a similar studio in West Auckland earlier this year. Aimed at children from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, Bread Studios are free music studios that allow children to create music or make / edit videos.

The new 1,000 square foot space in LA was built inside Edwin Markham Middle School, known to be the school once attended by the late rapper. Nipsey hussle. TIO understands that a tribute mural will be painted on the studio wall by a renowned artist Tehrell Porter.

The LA Workshop is operated by Bread USA, a separate operation from Bread NZ.

“This was done to ensure that all public support for Bread NZ goes to New Zealand children and vice versa with Bread USA,” said association founder and rapper Mustafa Sheikh (otherwise known as Lil Mussie ). “In turn, that makes the job much harder to accomplish. Another financially autonomous organization was to be created. It was done in a few weeks. It wasn’t something that was planned in advance, it all went so organically.

Bread USA is launched with the support of several sponsors, including Rode and Hosa, and Fender has donated a few guitars to the studio, including an American Professional Stratocaster and an American Acoustasonic Telecaster.

Charity Bread

Talk to TIO, Mustafa Sheikh said that the international growth of Bread Charity is an accumulation of four years of work.

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“We have developed some great approaches and are now bringing what we have learned to the world stage,” he says. “The bread works according to the same principles we teach these children: dream big, as big as possible, and never look back. This growth is a representation of my vision for change, I will change education systems and uplift communities.

bread workshops
Bread Studios in Auckland, New Zealand

“We can’t do the same things and expect the same results,” he adds. “Complacency is my biggest fear. Growing up to operate now in the United States means more awareness, more revenue streams and possible opportunities – a lot of scale with an increasing population. Not only that, but that growth goes directly to Bread NZ and although it is a separate entity that uses segregated funds only for the Kiwi children, it all comes back. “


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