New York artist Superstar Rah shares her debut project “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”: Stream


New York recording artist Rah the superstar recently released their project ‘Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness’. As he continues to make noise as an artist, the sentiment of this album title is true. Exploring some of the less auspicious moments that plagued his life, he shares how the struggles he endured led him to become the man he is today. He takes the time to reflect and understand how each moment he has lived has contributed to his ideas and his approach to others and to life. Many of these situations are not uncommon for a young man as the project touched on love, the streets and personal experiences.

However, his ability to analyze and share those moments through his melodic flow of lively storytelling, if not something that should be overlooked. This project is a great performance for the young star, who continues to shine through all the dark moments of life!

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