New recording studio ‘to become world-class hub’ for film soundtracks


A brand new ‘state of the art’ recording facility that aims to be the ‘go-to studio’ for the film and gaming industry outside of London has opened in Glasgow.

Scotland’s Studio was specially designed for the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and builds on existing infrastructure such as the RSNO Center which opened in 2015.

The facility will house the new RSNO auditorium and feature state-of-the-art mixing technology.

Scotland’s Studio is a brand new, state-of-the-art recording facility specially designed for the world-renowned Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

The auditorium is an acoustically adjustable and flexible space, ideal for the specialized production of film and television soundtrack recordings as well as for hosting educational projects.

The studio will also be open to other Scotland-based orchestras and musicians, giving them access not only to a world-class recording studio, but also allowing them to progress in the creative industries.

As the country becomes an increasingly popular destination for film, television and video game productions, Scotland’s Studio would be in a privileged position to contribute to this development.

The RSNO has established experience and strong brand recognition for its recording work, particularly in films and video games, with the orchestra credited with re-recordings of classical sheet music such as Vertigo and conducted by music icons from film such as Jerry Goldsmith.

The studio will allow the RSNO to embark on larger and more ambitious projects within these industries and this new revenue stream will prove invaluable in supporting the charitable mission of the RSNO as businesses such as touring and performing at larger scale continue to be affected by the ongoing pandemic.

It will also become the seat of RSNO’s digital educational projects, such as children’s music apps.

Alistair Mackie, Managing Director of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, said: “At Scotland’s Studio we have created a state-of-the-art installation that will give RSNO another chord in the post-pandemic landscape as the only orchestra in the UK with its own recording studio, while providing the developing Scottish film industry with a new facility to support its offering nationally and internationally.

“A big thank you to those who have supported this investment, including the Scottish Government through the DigitalBoost Development Grant, and to Iain and Pamela Sinclair whose legacy has enabled us to create such a highly specialized control room. Iain attended regularly and we later found out that we had secretly recorded the RSNO to listen to at home.

“Creating a world-class recording studio for the orchestra feels like a fitting tribute through their generous legacy.

“The orchestra already has a great reputation for its film music recordings and we look forward to adding to this legacy in the years to come.”

And Holyrood Culture Secretary Angus Robertson also praised the move.

He said: ‘The Scottish Government is committed to expanding our display infrastructure and this new world-class facility for recording sheet music for films, television and games will make the country even more attractive to music companies. international production. The new studio will also help develop a sustainable economy for the creative industries.

“The RSNO plays a major role in the performing arts and the new studio will give the orchestra the opportunity to build on its already highly acclaimed international reputation for recording and expand its educational activities. “


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