New Recording Studio Brings “Music City” to “Rocket City”


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Local musicians in the Huntsville area can now record songs nearby. Five Points Recording is a state-of-the-art recording facility located in the heart of the city.

Owner and native of Huntsville, Justin Miller said he remembers growing up in a band and how difficult it can be to record tracks locally.

“As a kid you know we always had to go to Nashville, to do all of our recordings and I always thought it was weird that we didn’t have a professional recording facility here in town. Miller told News 19.

While playing in an underground metal band, “Crashing Falcon”, in places like Crossroads and Lowe Mill, he says much of the music scene was still underground when he went to Boston to study film music and music production.

In 2013, he moved to Nashville with his wife and opened the first Five Points Recording location.

After great success and a booming music scene in Huntsville, they packed their bags and returned home two years ago and immediately got to work on the second location.

Miller said the recording facility was a labor of love and passion, his brother who is a great craftsman helped him gut the old TV station and build it from scratch, adding that everything from panels on the walls to acoustic clouds, he says. it has been rewarding and now Huntsville will have its own registration center.

“With several isolated rooms, something similar to what you would find in Nashville. A big inspiration for this studio was the Black Bird studio in Nashville, a famous recording location, so we were just, you know, hoping to provide a similar recording experience in this big city, ”Miller said.

Miller has worked with big names over the years and with access to some of the best musicians Nashville has to offer, he says the music community here in Huntsville is getting things he wished he had when he was younger. .

It takes a lot of things to put a song together, from the first draft of writing to the cutting edge technology the installation uses to make it larger than life, Miller says every second of the process is worth it when he sees the look at the musicians. face while listening to the finished product.

“They start to have a smile on their face with the production and they’re like, ‘I can’t believe we just turned this acoustic guitar, vocal track into this amazing full-fledged production and it sounds radio ready when we are done, ”Miller said.

Miller has already seen a warm reaction from the music community here in Huntsville, artists near and as far as Milwaukee have already recorded in the studio.

Five Points Recording offers accommodation for its artists and a full-service kitchen for those long recording sessions. Miller hopes to use the studio for other things like podcasts in the near future.

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