Meet rxlph: The Recording Artist You Need to Know


As the music industry grows and new artists join the scene, it has become more difficult to find good music. Unlike some years, it now takes a while to find good songs, especially with so many songs coming out almost every day. But that doesn’t mean the unique and authentic music is lost. rxlph, a rising singer and songwriter, is bringing the vibe back with his fresh new music and creating a safe environment for his listeners.

rxlph creates records of raw emotion and passion and uses their music to inspire their listeners, which has helped them cement their place in the brutally competitive industry. rxlph’s single, “Brokenhearted”, is a trending sound with over a million streams. His other song, “use.less”, also went viral.

According rxlph, he aims to use his platforms to shed light on various mental health issues by showing people that it’s okay not to be well and it’s also okay to seek help. rxlph has long struggled with depression. He explains that he wanted to end his life at one point but decided against it when one of his fans approached him to tell him how his music helped save his life.

The experience inspired rxlph to return to gaming, and unlike most artists, he wanted to create music that comes from the soul. Through their songs, rxlph builds a community where people aren’t attacked for their weakness, and you don’t have to sugarcoat who you are to get others to like you. He also encourages others struggling with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

rxlph has built an army, Ixne.souls, gathering its listeners and creating a second home in music. Looking to the future, rxlph says their goal is to help and support many more people by showing them that no situation is permanent. “No matter what you’re up against, you can break down those walls even when you’re feeling lonely,” says rxlph.


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