Marty Thau, producer and founder of Red Star Records, has passed away



Marty Thau, producer, manager and founder of Red Star Records, died of kidney failure, Billboard reports. He was 75 years old.

In the 1960s, Thau held several positions in the recording industry with various labels. He worked at Cameo-Parkway Records as a promotion manager, then worked for Buddah Records when Cameo-Parkway was sold. He became a partner at Inherit Productions, a management, production and publishing company that had clients such as Van Morrison, John Cale and Miriam Makeba.

Thau eventually attended a New York Dolls performance and soon after became the group’s manager. He started Red Star Records. He signs Suicide and co-produced their first album. He also produced demos for the Ramones, Blondie and the Heartbreakers.

He wrote a dissertation entitled Rockin ‘The Bowery, which is still unpublished, although excerpts have been published. Here is the introduction via Billboard:

Rejection is my middle name. I’ve been called almost every laudatory or controversial name in the book – from the indefatigable president of punk music by those who hold me in high esteem, to the pope of New York rock ‘n’ roll by the eminent magazine. French Rock & Folk. , to a selfish son of a bitch by a handful of disgruntled artists under contract with my Red Star label (despite indisputable evidence to the contrary), and a talentless Jewish bastard by some of the most emotionally disturbed fascist types that have populated the world old fashioned punk. Despite the different perceptions of my character and my schedule, I have been wise enough to know that all you can do in life is to be who you are. Some will love you for yourself, but most will love you for what you can do for them.



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