Malaysian musician Tony Iskandar found dead in recording studio



Tony Iskandar Alberto, the former bassist of the band Spider, was found dead at the Luncai Emas recording studio in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. He was 51 years old.

His body was discovered at 1 a.m. on Wednesday June 30 by Spider member Nafie who had accidentally dropped by the studio to pick up items, reported MStar.

The studio’s production manager, Mohd Khirin Omar (aka Keon) said The star‘s Malay portal that Tony had been staying at the studio for three years.

Luncai Emas is a label owned by Datuk M. Nasir.

Keon said: “Datuk Mr. Nasir had a piece set up in the studio for Tony to compose.”

As the country goes through the first phase of the national stimulus plan, no one else was at the studio.

Keon continued, “Nafie came by yesterday and knocked on the bedroom door. With no response, Nafie used a spare key to enter the room and found Tony dead.

Keon also said paramedics at the scene confirmed Tony’s death and informed that the bassist died about four hours before the discovery.

His body was taken to Sungai Buloh Hospital where an autopsy was to be performed to find the cause of death.

According to Keon, Tony suffered from diabetes.

Tony was part of the original Spider line-up, formed in 1996. He left the group in 2013 to focus on songwriting.

Some of Spider’s hit songs include Relaku Pujuk, Kasih Latifah and Laukku Cukup Masin.



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