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What were you going through while recording “2021”?

Oh my God, I was bored. Bored with my mind. I’ve been so bored for a few weeks. I finished school ages ago, so now I’m bored. I’m trying to find things to do, and it’s been writing music and making short films [such as “It Counts”]. I’m bored and wanted to do something with my life. [laughs]

What are you hoping for in the new year?

Hope we can get back to normal as I would love to start working again. I’m sure everyone would love to start working again. Selfishly, I want to work and do things, but not selfishly, I really hope that everything will be better and everything will be safe again.

How has COVID affected your art?

Game-wise, it worked out completely for a while, as they weren’t filming anything. They’re starting to film stuff again, so hopefully things pick up. They were out of content, they have to start over. [laughs] I hope I can shoot something this year and do something fun.

3 things you need in the studio?

Water, I love water. I don’t drink enough water, but I like it. A phone charger, you always need a phone charger. And a guitar.

How do you feel when you play the guitar?

I love playing guitar ! I’ve been playing since I was 12, I love it. I have one that I put a bunch of stickers on, it’s my favorite right now. I love the guitar, it’s so wonderful. Such a pretty instrument.

Talk about your cover of “Hate Me” by Miley Cyrus.

I was bored again. A lot of things I post on Instagram have come from my boredom this year. Everyone is bored. My sister really wanted me to cover this song, so I learned it for her.

What is your favorite song that you covered?

I’m learning “American Girl” from Tom Petty right now. I love this song. Anything by the Beatles really.

What’s your favorite Beatles song?

“Golden Slumbers”, I love this song. It’s very short but it’s so beautiful. It is so good. Everything there is wonderful.


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