International artist Shirley Lites releases new album “Every Side of Me”


(DailyMusicRoll Editorial): – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 7, 2021 ( – This long-awaited musical project has been a joy and a dream come true for Shirley Lites. “Every Side of Me” is a full creative expression of the spirit of empowerment, love, friendship, hope, happiness, excitement and sweet tenderness. “Every Side of Me” reflects its diversity, style and uniqueness. The first track “Strong woman” is an energetic message of empowerment, like an anthem for any woman who stands up for what is right! All songs in this project were produced and written by Shirley Lites and Kenneth Jackson with the exception of the ballad “Because we ended up as lovers” produced by famed producer/engineer Butch Ingram. The variety of this album is rich in flavor and rhythm like the songs “lover’s paradise”, “Move On The Dance Floor” and “Until You Come Back To Me” a tribute to Aretha Franklin.

Shirley Lites voice can and will truly light up any room with her unique vocal range and powerful rhythmic delivery. Once she starts singing, she captivates her audience with her sweet melodies and high-pitched vocal riffs. Shirley Lites is an international artist, world traveler, songwriter, musician and producer. As a working artist and through the COV-19 pandemic, she managed to produce, perform and co-write with Kenneth Jackson the version of her mix of tracks. “It’s not nobody’s business” and the title track of the album “Every side of me” which is an up-tempo dance track. The release date of this project is October 8, 2021. For more information visit and/or

Shirley Lites has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades with her super hit “Heat You Up/Melt You Down” on the West End Record label which set the stage for her success as a performing artist. She has recordings on the Atlantic and Arista Record labels. His current recordings can be found on Karmic Power Records and Midnight Riot Records. Shirley Lites was once the bandleader and background vocalist for the late and great Bowl Paul for sixteen years until his transition in April 2016.


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