Hear the eclectic hip hop sound of Leol in the new song “Savages”



Experience the instant captivation and musical brilliance of the producer and recording artist, Léolthe recently released track, ‘Savages. ‘

Léol is back with yet another hit delivering his diverse sound and production skills through an immersive musical staff. Released under GhostClique, ‘Savagesis the latest project thematically inspired by his trip to a Los Angeles-based Gentleman’s Club. The infectious track motivates strippers to embrace the art of wild seduction with their hypnotic dance moves. The track also encourages anyone with a fierce side who wants to bring it out in their outward personality. The attractive magnetic track invites the audience to have a different experience while changing their perspective on life and on themselves.

by Léol soundscape mixes the creative characteristics of trap and percussion, aiming for a soulful, melodic tone that matches the modern celebration of music. Its production capacity gives hip hop a contemporary touch. His new song ‘Savages‘is a happy combination of rap and vocals, sliding on a cold beat and sultry melodic flow. Originally from Chicago, Léol managed to structure an unpredictable call and tease. He has already established himself as one of the most promising stars in modern hip hop, ready to deliver more. Stay up to date on all of its new releases and more on Spotify and Linktree.

Link to the single:

https://open.spotify.com/album / 4IwX0JEm5s7U76VSl3eBMY

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