Denver, Colorado has a Shining Star in the rising recording artist, Caelum



A unique artist with a wide variety of sounds, Caelum tends to merge several genres into one. Often drawing from real life situations, Caelum seeks to create based on his feelings and emotions. Making noise and dressing for his homeland, Caelum has assembled a whole catalog of trendy songs such as “Memories”, “Don’t Feel Right”, “Get To Know You” and “Old Ways” .

With a new project still in the works and more material in the works, we’ve chosen to take some time to speak with the heartbreaking artist about her musical journey below.

Artist Name: Caelum

Of: Denver, Colorado

Social media: @TheRealCaelum

What was the creative process behind “Memories”?

It was just Kidd Nur Nur, my sound engineer, and I were sitting in the studio listening to beats because I don’t like coming into the studio with a beat and the beat from Memories came and I knew right away he was going to go to KING SZN. You don’t hear too many artists coming out of Colorado, continues his musical career in Colorado easy? Tell us about it

The music scene in Colorado is super supportive and super talented, never really had any problems. But being from Colorado is just the start of things, the music scene here isn’t really great with the type of music I do, it’s more for EDM music. Colorado is a potential untapped market for other musical genres besides EDM, but in order for me to continue to grow to meet my goals, I plan to relocate the States.

Other Denver Where Colorado artists who caught your attention and your ear?

No one in particular, there are a few that get to a point where I listen to daily but nothing abnormal.

Your “KING SZN” project is solid work, what was the creative process and the general idea behind the project?

KING SZN was something I worked on for over a year and slowly built up over time, the story of KING SZN is the story of a king who experiences grief and finds a way to win at the end. I wanted to show people that everyone has a heart attack, but you can still come out on top of the world after it happens. You might feel like it’s the end of the world, but it isn’t, you just haven’t seen your mountain top yet. I’m doing better I promise you

Where does the name Caelum come from?

The name Caelum is Latin for Heaven or Heaven, I chose it because that’s where we all come from and end. An inevitable beginning and end.

What do you think has influenced or triggered your career and your passion for music?

I grew up around music, my parents always played an instrument or sang so it was just a natural thing that I fell into.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since 2017, so most recently I passed the 4-year mark. I started making music when I was in high school

What are some notable records listeners should check out about the project?

OLD WAYS and TREASON are the two albums that I would advise any new listener to listen to through the door.

With over 250,000 feeds on your last project, what’s next for Caelum? Other visuals from the project?

We’re going to be releasing a single before the end of the year, and then a single at least every two months for a while, so expect more amazing music in the near future. I’m planning on doing some visuals for the singles, but I don’t want to give anything away just yet, so watch them when they come out.

What was it like playing in big venues like The Roxy, Cervantes Ballroom, and Blackbox?

It was so natural, I was born for this position from start to finish and I can’t wait to be back on stage.

Be sure to check out the artist on social media @TheRealCaelum

Discover his latest project “King SZN” now available on all digital streaming platforms

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