Daisy Lopez: From Online Saleswoman Madame Inutz To Novelty Recording Artist



Internet users were amazed by her fashionista look in her trendy clip. Many remember Lady Gaga as Madame Inutz switches from one fancy and colorful look and outfit to another as she sings her debut single, “Useless”.

Yes, viral online saleswoman Daisy Lopez, better known as Madam Inutz, is now officially a singer as she releases the music video for “Inutil” on September 23 via her own YouTube channel.

With nearly a million views, the clip features Lopez’s dance moves and husky voice, which is perfect for novelty, rap, hip hop, or the rock genre “Tunog Kalye”.

Pinoy singers who are known for this genre include Aegis, Sampaguita, and Up Dharma Down. Ryan Soto composed the song for Madame Inutz and before doing so, he made sure that the genre, the words and the melody are perfect for his personality. The inspiration would be the Aegis or Sampaguita style in a novelty style since she was best known for her slogans like “Useless”, “gunggong”, “oh jiiieva” and more. The composer made sure to include these words that Madame Inutz popularized in her first single “for the recognition and seal of her own identity”.

“That’s what it’s all about in the whole song, her life as an online salesperson, her struggles in life and the frustrating times when no one buys her and makes fun of her online.” , Soto said.

The song also reflects his life in Tondo and Cavite. “Useless” is also perfect for the Masang Pinoy since anyone can sing and dance with it and the lyrics are very easy to memorize.
We all know that many internet users enjoyed watching his live online sale, which drew thousands of viewers and was even anticipated and watched by many showbiz personalities.

Of course, not everyone is amused. Some were offended by her swear words and Ms Inutz said she couldn’t please everyone which is why she always warned those watching not to let their kids watch her and she hopes they can just let her sell it live because that’s what she does it for a living.

This is why Lopez couldn’t be more grateful to businessman Wilbert Tolentino, her manager, for giving him the greatest luck and incredible opportunity that not everyone can get. According to her, there are many more younger and talented aspiring singers out there, but here she is, releasing her first single. She feels honored and forever grateful to Wilbert because never in her wildest dream, she would have thought she would have come this far. All these years she was only working hard for her family and now that the opportunity is here she won’t let it go and will do her best.

Lopez considers his idols Aegis and Miley Cyrus to be his musical influence. Her inspiration also includes Janine Berdin, Aegis, Sampaguita, Cardi B and Nikki Minaj.

Naturally, Tolentino was pleased with Lopez’s professionalism. According to him, the preparations for the first single were no joke. Daisy took it by heart. For days she didn’t drink cold water and she didn’t even scream like she did during her online sale so she could mod her voice once she started recording.

“She learns quickly. She knows how to get the song right and doesn’t mind long working hours as long as she can deliver and produce the right song well. Filming for her music video went until dawn, but she never complained and was always smiling and energized throughout the process, ”Wilbert said.

Meanwhile, the manager reveals his other plans for Lopez. And that includes making her the brand ambassador for online sellers! Additionally, he wants Lopez to learn more about entrepreneurship so that she can invest and grow her business while heading into the entertainment industry. He also intends to make Lopez’s name a staple in show business, so expect more plans for her in the future.

INUTIL is now available through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Vevo, Tiktok, Youtube Music, Beatport, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Shazam, iTunes, Facebook, iTunesRadio and other kusic online streaming sites.

Watch and enjoy the official video and subscribe to Daisy Lopez’s YouTube account.
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