Craziest NBA All-Star Records


cleveland begins to dress in her finery because NBA All-Star Weekend 2022 it’s here. This city in the state of Ohio organizes a special weekend in which the best players of the North American championship meet in the pavilion of the riderswhere in addition to trying to win the star game, they will seek to go down in history and break the records that other players have achieved in previous editions, some of them valid for decades.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant, although they could not play the latter, they were chosen as captains of both teams. Everyone had to alternate to choose who will be their partners, regardless of the conference from which they came. It’s already left behind that the East and West face to face and now they are mixed together although with the same representation on both sides.

In the team of the Lakers player will be Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Jokic, in addition to Luka Doncic, who will be on the bench. On the other hand, the quintet which represents the team of Kevin Durant will be composed of: Joel Embiid, JA Morant, Jayson Tatum, Andrew Wiggins and Trae Young.

These two teams, which will meet on February 20, will experience an exciting match in which the first three quarters will always start 0-0 and the team that wins each of them will choose a local NGO to donate. In the final quarter, all previously earned points are accumulated and 24 are added to the highest amount in honor of Kobe Bryant. The first team to reach that number wins.

And speaking of Kobe Bryant, the legendary former player of The Lakers can boast, with Bob Pettit to have won are the players who have won the most MVPs throughout history with four awards. One of the participants in this NBA All-Star Weekend 2022 is james lebronwho in his day was the youngest to win the MVP at 21 years and 51 days, while the oldest player to win it is Shaquille O’Neal almost 37 years old.

The player who received the most calls to go to NBA All Star is Kareem Abdul Jabbar, with 19 calls. However, the one who has chained the most consecutive dates, with 18 to his account, is, once again, Kobe Bryantconsidered one of the greatest in history and that in this edition the MVP trophy will serve as an additional tribute to him after his death in 2020 in the tragic helicopter crash.

As for match stats, johnson magic holds the record for most assists in a game NBA All Star with 22 passes. Anthony Davis, in 2017, managed to become, thanks to his 52 points, the player with the most points in the history of this American basketball festival. In the rebounds it is Bob Pettit the one who in a single meeting, in 1962, collected 27.

Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant They were the only ones able to achieve a triple-double in an all-star match, thus signing great matches to the delight of the spectator. And since we’re talking about fans, the NBA All Star with the most attendance took place in 2010 in Texas with more than 108,000 places occupied, almost nothing.

If we stop at the games, in 2016 the conference Where is was able to score 196 points in a single game, being the highest figure for a team achieved in a NBA All Star. A year later, the sum of the two teams reached 374 points, also a historic record. The biggest victory in history was also won by the conference Where is in 1992 when they won by a difference of 40 points East.


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