Christian Recording Artist Kirk Franklin Re-Releases “Lean On Me” With Compassionate Youth Choir



Grammy-winning musical artist Kirk Franklin has a new project that features the Compassion Youth Choir.

For several months, Franklin has worked with poor and impoverished youth in 25 countries as part of the Compassion Child Development Program to re-release his song “Lean on Me.”

In an interview with CBN’s Studio 5, he explained that so many children around the world face challenges we could never imagine and that he wants to give them a voice.

“I think music is the great unifier and I think it runs through all of the political infrastructure,” Franklin said. “I think it cuts through all the social constructs that we have established in order to be able to separate ourselves, to be able to divide us and for socio-economic areas that really don’t do any of us any good.”

He added: “I was very grateful and thrilled to bring back a song that is over 20 years old and to be able to use it as a tool to be able to get these kids who are sometimes invisible to the rest of us because we are so busy scrolling and trying to be bosses and entrepreneurs that sometimes every single one of us is forgotten. “

“Lean On Me (Worldwide Mix)” is now available for download or streaming.

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