Carter Brady Takes You Through The Recording Studio In New Music Video “Chasing Vampires (Unplugged)”


Carter Brady takes you through the recording studio in his new music video for Chasing Vampires (Unplugged). The video really captures that instant feeling of being in a studio recording a softer yet raw version of a song.

“I wanted to do a more officially recorded acoustic version of Chasing Vampires since I recorded most of my last album ‘Blue Reverb’. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to release it as a bonus track with the rest of the album. album or if I wanted to release it separately at a later date. I finally decided to make it a single and release it with a music video. I think having multiple versions of a song, especially this one- ci since it was one of the first songs on the album that I shared with people, is a cool concept and gives people a chance to hear something in a more fragile and stripped down state, often giving them more ways to like a song.” -Carter Brady

Carter Brady’s unplugged version of his recent release “Chasing Vampires” is the free and easy release we wanted to channel Brady’s true singer-songwriter. With the simplistic instrumentals of a simple acoustic guitar and light touches, we get to experience the sweet smoothness of Brady’s vocals paired with thought-provoking lyrics. Similar to John Mayer or Jack Johnson, Brady hits home with catchy lyrics that will get your body rocking. Whether you’re looking for a track for your acoustic set or for a casual hangout, Chasing Vampires Unplugged is for you.


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