Canadian artist Dylan Joshua releases “Wishing You Were Still Here”


Versatile recording artist Dylan Joshua has developed an undisputed ability to authentically convey his own life experiences through intricate songwriting and production. Always keeping a heavy hand in the production process, Dylan maintains creative control over his works which continue to take the Canadian market by storm. Now, ready to amp up her success in the US market, we are presented with her highly anticipated next hit, “Wishing You Were Still Here.” Inspired by some of the most influential artists of the 2000s, “Wishing You Were Still Here” offers a modern take on the musical inspiration of musicians like Usher, Ginuwine and Diddy. Giving fans a danceable yet sweet R&B soundscape, Dylan looks back on all the good times he had in a past relationship; a stark contrast to a dismissive tendency to see only the negative aspects of a previous romance.

“I know I could have loved you, but I pushed you away / Wishing you were always here with me, always on my mind” ~ Wishing you were always here

Artists like Dylan let fans know it’s okay to vibe to emotional music. Nostalgic yet relatable, “Wishing You Were Still Here” offers an introspective soundscape brilliantly paired with heart-to-heart storytelling. Co-produced by Mark Lombardo and Shayan Ghashghaie, the new track offers a contemplative view of what we get out of our relationships. It’s not a song about how he’s better off alone or how his ex was toxic and so he’s done with relationships. It’s a song about the good things he and his ex have been through together and the little moments he misses now that he’s single again. And the beauty of the song as a whole is that the message aligns perfectly with the lyrical content that was popular in early 2000s R&B – it’s Dylan’s way of bringing that level of vulnerability and musical tenacity back into the main stream.

About Dylan Joshua: Along with his network of close friends (family), he has created several EPs and visuals, introducing listeners to a philosophical and sci-fi-inspired purpose, under the social media name “Alternateº”. Amassing over 10 million streams worldwide, Dylan Joshua has built a fan base based on his music’s ability to connect with people through its authentic vibe, relevant lyrics and impressive graphic design. His work has been featured on Billboard, HipHopDx, Wonderland and Earmilk and many more.

Listen to “Wishing You Were Still Here” on Spotify HERE.


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