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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Dominique Forbes, the Bahamian designer who has already established herself as an international artist and author, has now ventured into the realm of art.

The arts entrepreneur with the vast portfolio recently released a piece about family life titled “Deception!” and another artwork titled “MOM WITH CHIPS!”

Speaking to the first piece, Forbes said: “This concept is inspired by my desire to help society build healthier family structures and functional homes by extension.

“I’m not saying that any of the elements mentioned above don’t exist. What I’m saying is that this piece is truly inspired by my personal love for seeing this area of ​​life flourish.

She added: “I want to encourage people to be faithful to each other in all relationships and would like to help others understand who is behind the spirit of deceit, under which all kinds of trickery tend to fall. .”

The artist explained that the second piece was a more impulsive sentimental piece that happened after one of his beloved children accidentally spilled on the floor.

She described how inspiration came to her as she cleaned it up, and she decided to turn the word “mom” into a living and meaningful arrangement amidst the chaos.

Artwork for “Come near me”.

Forbes’ creative entrepreneurship has taken off in recent years, with her self-publishing several books and releasing a litany of musical singles.

The Bahamas native has attracted tens of thousands of SoundCloud listeners from around the world and is featured on Brazilian station Estilo De Jogo weekly at 8pm Monday, 7:30pm Wednesday and 8pm Thursday.

She recently hinted that her next upcoming single “Come Close to Me” is just around the corner and in the meantime she has started offering virtual singing lessons to help Bahamians of all ages tap into their side. musical.

“The lessons are for children and/or adults who are kids at heart and ready to learn,” she said, noting that special rates are offered for groups, families and children. .

Dominic Forbes.

Forbes said its music students will learn how to strengthen their voice, tune their ears for music, work on their pitch and project their voice.

Plus, she said they’ll also have fun and build camaraderie along the way.

For more information or to book classes, call 242-809-5937 or email

Forbes music can be heard on SoundCloud at and YouTube at

His books are available on Amazon at

For more information, contact Forbes directly and follow her on Facebook at Dominique Forbes; Instagram @Dominiqueforbesglobal; and Patreon at


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