Award-winning Nashville artist CHUCK THOMAS celebrates release of new album HILLBILLY FRIDAY NIGHT


(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Nashville, Tennessee Aug.13, 2021 ( – Award-winning singer, songwriter and co-producer CHUCK THOMAS will celebrate the release of their new country music album HILLBILLY FRIDAY EVENING with an album launch party and live performance at CABIN TAPS in Nashville on Saturday August 21.

One of Nashville’s top songwriters, Thomas begins the next step in his creative career with the release of his new album, as well as the launch of his independent album. CHUCK THOMAS MUSIC label and website. The independent artist has devoted the past 15 years to songwriting and performing, valuing the power of stories to help people heal during difficult times.

The new album includes the title song HILLBILLY FRIDAY EVENING, plus six other songs worth listening to – Inside this glass, which way do I go, the light is gone (written with season nine runner-up on “The Voice” Barrett Baber), I heard it all, Miss Home, and an acoustic track bonus, Am i dead.

HILLBILLY FRIDAY EVENING is available for download on Chuck Thomas Music on August 23, as well as other music industry platforms including Amazon, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and TikTok / Resso, among others.

Thomas’ new album features guest performances by many Nashville musicians, many of whom will join him on stage at Cabana Taps on August 21 to perform the new album, live, including Daniel Denis (low), Max Siedman (acoustic guitar), Thomas o’brien (drums), Justin weaver (main guitar), Merna lewis (violin) and Eric Barfield (keyboard) with Angela Hart on the choirs.

“Since I was a child, country music flowed through my blood as I watched loved ones around me play and sing. Years later, I’m going back to my family and farming roots, ”said the Bucks County, Pa., Nashville native now. “Singing and writing songs allowed me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t otherwise. A song can be more than words and music. When sung with soul, a song transports you to another world.

Thomas, a United States Marine Corps veteran, moved to Nashville in 2006 for the next chapter of his life, after many years working in his hometown of Philadelphia as a physical trainer and athletic trainer. He dedicated this “second act” to music and, along the way, achieved a number of enviable achievements, most recently being selected the 2019 Josie Music Awards Singer-Songwriter of the Year for his work. At World Music Prize 2019, Thomas won the silver medal for Modern country music songwriter for his song, “Panels.”In 2018, Thomas won The Josie Award for Modern Country Song of the Year for “God gave me everything I need” as good as Album of the year for “Cigarettes and Whiskey” to NIMA Award 2018.

  • Cabana Taps is located in Hillside Village, 1910 Belcourt Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37212; their phone number is (615) 577-2262; additional information is available on their website,
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