Australian artist launches world’s first song auction platform


A New Zealand-born Australian artist, who for the past decade has worked and toured with leading musicians such as Lime Cordiale, Rick Ross, 360 and Bliss n Eso, has launched a first global platform where the general public can bid on original music. established musical artists.

Saint Lane, a successful hip-hop artist who recorded 1.5 million streams on his debut EP and was previously signed to Ministry of Sound, spent half of 2019 in America working alongside some of the top producers. worlds, including Andrew Dawson and Mike Malchicoff (Kanye West).

With the abrupt shutdown of the music industry due to Covid, Saint Lane created “Silent Song Auction” (SSA), a website that gives musicians the opportunity to sell unreleased songs at an auction. 72 hours where only the cover, song length and year of recording are revealed to the public.

The successful bidder is granted full ownership and license to the song which will remain exclusive to the owner forever, alongside the song’s artwork and a personalized video of the artist.

“After an auction of silent songs, the artist receives ninety percent of the sale, while we keep the remaining ten percent to reinvest in the ongoing development of the platform,” said Saint Lane.

Silent Song Auction was organized to help artists who have been struggling financially for years since the disappearance of CDs and the popularization of streaming services such as Spotify.

“We want to help artists fund their albums, tours and music videos without the help of a major record company and without going into personal debt,” said Saint Lane.

“This is where the silent song auction comes in. “

“Streaming services only pay around $ 0.0033 per stream, and record companies only look for songs that match the algorithms of those streaming services.

“This makes it extremely difficult for artists to generate income, especially when tours have been mostly wiped out over the past two years due to the pandemic. “

Due to Covid’s restrictions on live performances, coupled with strict Spotify algorithms, artists like Saint Lane have been forced to think outside the box to make a living and distribute music.

“I came up with the concept of Silent Song Auction to support myself, but I also wanted to create a platform to help support other musicians,” Saint Lane said.

“When an artist makes a record, so many great songs go unpublished because of the decisions made by the record companies.

“I’ve heard hundreds of masterpieces that will stay on a hard drive forever just because they don’t tick certain boxes for a label to take the financial risk of releasing them.”

The first silent song auction began on Tuesday, November 30 and ended on Friday, December 3. The song was an unreleased Saint Lane track titled “Vulgar” and sold for $ 9,000 to a longtime fan.

“With one song and 72 hours, we made more money than my entire Spotify catalog.”

“I believe with all my heart that Silent Song Auction will change the dynamics of the music industry and restore importance to the artist’s vision. “

To create a free Silent Song Auction account, go to

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