Austin artist summons summer vibes with new brand of rum


Austin-based rap artist, singer and songwriter Anastasia Hera recently added another title to her resume: maven liquor.

Together with Local Choice Spirits and Striped Pig “Pixie” Distillery owner Paula Dezzutti, Hera launched her namesake tropical rum.

“This drink is distilled art,” Hera says of the new liquor. “A beautiful message designed in a bottle. I am more than excited about the launch of Hera Tropical Rum. This is a big step for me as an artist and a businesswoman: a new market and new opportunities.

Rum owned by black women is described as fruity and creamy, with hints of banana and coconut. With a crisp and airy taste, Hera Tropical rum can be enjoyed neat, on ice or frozen with blenders such as coconut water and pineapple juice.

Distilled and bottled at Striped Pig Distillery in North Charleston, SC, rum even has the potential to develop with new flavors in the future.

The dynamic partnership between Hera and Dezzutti was facilitated in spring 2021 by the CEO of So Bold Entertainment, Douglas “II Nice” Lofton Jr. Local Choice Spirits has previously partnered with musicians such as country artist Tyler Boone and the ‘rap artist Lil’ Boosie.

Pixie Studios by Dezzutti has a “Music, Media and Magic” platform, born out of the fact that female-owned record companies and studios are just as rare as female-owned distilleries.

“By playing an active role behind amazing artists with a platform to expand their brand and voice in the hospitality industry, alongside a loyalty program that gives back to the community, allows Local Choice Spirits to give a new meaning to ‘let’s drink responsibly’, “Dezzutti said.” I have no doubts that Anastasia Hera has the heart and soul to carry out our mission and vision with pride. “

This alcohol launch marks a successful first half of 2021 for Hera, who celebrated the release of her new EP, It’s Anastasia, who recently landed a KUTX Song of the Day spot for “Ceiling,” an acclaimed live performance series with his band, The Heroes. The EP also won its recent admission to the Recording Academy Class of 2021.

Hera brought even more impactful performances to the table, heard most recently in May on It’s Anastasia, an EP that showcases ferocity, tenderness and everything in between, ”KUTX wrote. “We feel like she’s on her way to becoming an international superstar, thanks to her charismatic confidence on tracks like ‘Ceiling’.”

The first release of Hera Tropical Rum is expected in liquor stores, restaurants, event venues, clubs and hotels in September.


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