🌐 Strategies in the music industry according to social networks - 5 basic principles

5 principios para llevar a cabo una estrategia en REDES SOCIALES. ✅ Desde la optimización hasta la actualización. ✅

  • How can I sell more music online?
  • Where can I better promote my Music?
  • How do I make my music videos reach more people?
  • How do I best promote my events, tours and concerts?
  • Where else can I share my photos and activities with my fans?
  • How can I do to have more contracts for my artist?
  • What should my social media strategy be?
  • How can I monitor and measure my results?

Technology and the social media revolution have had a huge impact on many businesses and one of them is music.

The artist today cannot depend solely on the traditional media to promote himself, such as radio, television and the press.

Technological change and the creation of social networks are overwhelming and it is often difficult to filter so much information and to be able to define the best strategy that our artists should carry out.

Currently there are more than 200 recognized social networking sites on the internet, obviously the best known are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

That is why I decided to carry out an analysis on the main needs of today's artists, and make a selection of the most important social networks that cover these needs.

This information will allow you to complement your traditional media strategy very well:

Below are some of the top artist and social media needs that provide specific solutions to these needs.

5 principios para llevar a cabo una estrategia en REDES SOCIALES. ✅ Desde la optimización hasta la actualización. ✅

Creating a social media strategy: 5 principles

These are five basic principles to manage your presence on social networks that will be very useful on your way to success:

1. What social networks should I use for my musical project?

Choose only the social networks in which you are willing to generate content and interact, sometimes it is better not to open an account than to 'be there' with a slovenly presence that can even harm you from the point of view of communication and public relations .

2. Optimization strategies in your social networks

Take the visual and design aspects of your accounts very seriously, customize as many as you can with your colors, logo, etc. and ensure consistency between your social media accounts and your website, your fan or follower must immediately recognize your space and relate seamlessly with it.

3. Be consistent in your social environment

Establish a growth strategy from the beginning and do not take your foot off the gas when you first open an account, I think it is impossible to emphasize this point enough: in most cases, you will not get any profitability from your social profiles until that you do not reach a critical mass of followers or qualified audience.

4. How and why to specialize in social networks?

Training, self-training and empowerment are vital: take advantage of any opportunity to learn more about the social networks in which you operate (even if you delegate this task to a 'community manager').

The 2.0 world is constantly evolving and you have to be up to date with regard to technology, innovation and trends, subscribe to blogs and pages of interest such as Puro Marketing and others that offer you the most up-to-date and relevant information on social media for your specific case.

5. Constant updating of your networks and connection tools

Update your social networks with new useful applications as they come on the market and make sure that your personal and / or business profiles are connected to each other (example: if you have a YouTube channel, it should appear on your Facebook account through the application adequate and vice versa).

Also make sure that they are all easily and conveniently accessible from your website or blog.


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