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Lo que debes saber para publicar un muy buen kit de prensa o Pess Kit

I am often surprised when I go to an artist's website, and I look around, I try to find basic press information and I can't. It seems that in the age of Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook fan pages, and emphasizing their conversational double meanings, we have forgotten the important fundamentals.

This is a revised my book extract, Music, success in nine weeks and talk that no matter what everyone confronts us with new digital solutions, new platforms and applications that we will be forced to learn, we must always remember: press kit or Press Kit .

It is up to you to be able to publish your press information clearly and succinctly, so that your band is easy to find and to review or write about.

Publishing an access press kit to share with journalists and those responsible for new media (blogs, podcasts, etc.) is common sense.

Editors need to access your information quickly, because they are constantly on schedule, if you don't make it easy for them to get information from your site, they can move on to another of the 50 artists who will be playing in your city that same week. .

Press Kit

1 - Your Music

Make sure you have some music available on your website or a very clear link to your MySpace page where people can listen to the music instantly. Many newspapers include online advertisements incorporating MP3s of artists coming to town, so if it's easy for them to grab tracks from your website to add to their own sites, that's great additional exposure for your band.

2 - His Biography

The bio should be short, it should be easily located on your website. That typical band life book and all the opinions of each member should be left for a space with their fans, it can be the blog or something like that, this will be fun and great for fans, but not for music writers who are looking get quick and concise information. Make sure the bio is easy to cut and paste.

Short Version For Editors

Be sure to add your (Unique Selling Point) or description, as a separate part of your bio. This should summarize the sound of the band in no more than 10 words.

Make 3 versions of your bio

-Large version
-In 50 words
-In one sentence (10 words or less)

Tip: Make sure the bio can be cut and pasted easily, and avoid putting it in Flash format.

3 - Photos

The thumbnails are great for quick and easy loading, but they are detrimental for use in newspapers.

You should always have a few photos to download on your website in at least 300 and in jpg format.


Create an easy-to-view link so designers can reach them easily "Click here for high / low resolution jpg."

When the photos are downloaded, make sure they are properly named after your band's name, so designers can find them in the folders where they are saved.

Tip : Remember to change your photos a few times a year, even if the same musicians are still playing, this is so you can give the media multiple options for coverage of the band.

Hint :

Put the names of the gang members from left to right (left to right) under the group photo to give reporters a point of reference. (Many publications post photos with the names of all the gang members from left to right to save writers the hassle of asking for names.)

4. Include album cover and other illustrations

You will also want to make sure to include it (cover art.) Or cover art, both in high resolution and low resolution (jpg format), this way, if the CD is being reviewed, the reviewer can download the cover art. to add to the review and if you have other additional things like logos, banners, backgrounds or band graphics you can add them here.

5. Include press articles or testimonials from fans

What you say about you is one thing .... However: what others say about you builds trust in a different way.

So if you have articles or quotes about yourself added by fans, include them! (If you don't have them: tell your fans that they'll be happy to have them contribute comments to your site.)

Final Tip:

Sonicbids is a great place to build and maintain a perfect Press Kit and you don't need a web designer to help you.

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