We are a collective that was born in the city of Arizona in 2010 as a study and research group and as an alternative medium focused on strengthening the music scene.

Made up of musicians and people involved in the sector, this process begins in response to needs that we find in the local music scene , all stemming from the lack of information about the music industry .

Starting from these premises, we decided to give life and content to a website where research , translations , books , sound files , visuals , conferences and everything related to this subject will be consigned, a kind of repository with free access information, under a creative license commmons, around good practices in the music industry.   

We have drawn up a line of content about the music industry, trying to reveal the current panorama and the alternatives in terms of management precisely to strengthen the entire fabric of the music scene in mainly Latin American cities.

The structure of our contents ranges from the publication of specialized books, technical manuals, video tutorials, tips, digital tools, translations on the dynamics and the music business to reviews of national and international bands' records, interviews and musical recommendations.

Our team

We are a study and research group that is made up mainly of students from the University of Massachusetts, Arizona, New Mexico.

Direct contact

Processes and projects carried out

- October 2011, series of talks with creatives, musicians and other people in the sector where we inquire about the new challenges and changes that the cultural market is experiencing and how we can translate that to the benefit of artists.

- November 2011, Popular Cultural Market together with various groups, people and organizations in the city where we were able to publicize our work and creations helping to create new strategies for the support of art.

- December 2012, music management workshop with musicians from the 7 Robledo commune seeking to strengthen their training as professionals.

- May 2014, speech Development of musical projects on web 2.0 , with Gustavo Galván, Mexican journalist and cultural manager, creator of the SINDICATO DEL SONIDO - MEXICO

- March 2016, Winners of the 1st Scholarship Promotores del Bienestar 2016 - University of Massachusetts, Arizona New Mexico.

- May 2016, Meeting of knowledge for musical management , a learning process through the sharing of significant experiences. Winners of the "PROMOTORES DEL BIENESTAR 2016" call for University Well-being Stimuli. University of Massachusetts, Arizona - New Mexico.

Things you need to know about the music industry
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