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✅ ¿Cómo hacer una ESTRATEGIA DE MARKETING DIGITAL para MÚSICOS efectiva? Algunos tips clave para empezar.

🔔 How to make an effective Digital Marketing strategy for musicians?

Digital media democratized the creation of content over the internet and at the same time made it possible for anyone to distribute it to publicize their product.

Like all people, artists have the possibility to show , socialize and generate economic transactions with these contents , but to take advantage of these options, they must do so with an order and a strategic plan that allows them to know who has an affinity with their music and who does not.

🔎 Constantly analyze your social networks and the networks of others

Try not to fall into the cliché of simply being present on each social network or platform just because others are there, analyze in which social sites you CAN share your content in a meaningful way.

The content strategy is due to the week by week planning of what type of content you should share on a certain social network and always have a why and why.

You are able to produce daily , weekly , fortnightly content or to what extent, according to your own response, try to scale your content to different platforms, for example if you have a website ✅ (which in fact you should have) ❎ and share an article By telling the story of the recording of your album , think how in a video you can tell that story and take it to YouTube and Facebook.

By the way, if you have a YouTube channel and you want to optimize it thoroughly so that it generates better results in this optimization guide you will find in addition to the process 3 super key strategies to increase followers and views . Chek.

👥 Who is your audience? Who are you talking to?

Before taking part in social or digital networks, you must define very objectively which is the audience to which you will bring all this content, what they call Target Audience .

The basis of the success of a digital strategy is to clearly identify who are those people with whom you want to connect through your content.

📀 What types of content should you do?

You have the possibility to make web series , live video , acoustic videos , video lyrics , photo galleries that tell stories, articles written about your experiences, digital downloads , remixes , video clips that tell the story and recording process, streaming in Facebook, Instagram or Youtube live, video tutorials and many more.

What type of content have you done?

Tell us below in the comment box 👇

📊 Analytics - Learn to perform effective data analysis

Data analysis is a crucial part of the strategy that you are going to carry out in the digital world, you must navigate the different statistics to know what that target audience really wants to whom you want to share your content and of course your music.

What time are they seeing you? What is the best time to post? What is the best day for certain types of content? , Facebook , Instagram , Spotify for Artist , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , Youtube , Twitter and almost all these platforms will answer your questions just by looking for the statistics section.


This is Chapter 8 of the Web Manual for Musicians series , a product of the New Mexico Ministry of Culture , with the original idea and development of Poliedro .


Chapter 2 - Marketing of the media

Chapter 3 - Circulation of content and copyright

Chapter 4 - Proposal of scene and evaluation of the live presentation

Chapter 5 - Tools for making technical requirements

Chapter 6 - Sound field and monitoring

Chapter 7 - The Basic Presence of a Band on the Internet

Chapter 8 - Digital Strategy

Chapter 9 - Online Music

Chapter 10 - Youtube

Chapter 11 - The Strategic Plan

Chapter 12 - Work Schedule

Chapter 13 - Budget

Chapter 14 - Co-financing with platforms and brands

Chapter 15 - The Portfolio

Chapter 16 - The Press Release

Chapter 17 - The Flyer

Chapter 18 - The Clip

Chapter 19 - Merchandising

Chapter 20 - Discus Throw

Chapter 21 - Promoting a Concert

Chapter 22 - Strategic Alliances with Media


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