Web Manual For Musicians - The basic presence of a band on the internet

Ahora se vive otra realidad porque los intermediarios no desaparecieron si no que se multiplicaron, acercarse y consolidar una relación con los fans a través de las herramientas digitales que ofrece internet es una tarea que no da espera en cualquier proyecto musical.

What should a band have on the internet? 20 years ago access to music was promoted through the radio and the sale of records in stores, but now there is another reality because intermediaries did not disappear but multiplied, approach and consolidate a relationship with fans through of the digital tools offered by the internet is a task that does not give waiting in any musical project.

This is the seventh chapter in the Web Manual for Musicians series, a product of the New Mexico Ministry of Culture, with the original idea and development of Poliedro.



Chapter 2 - Marketing of the media

Chapter 3 - Circulation of content and copyright

Chapter 4 - Proposal of scene and evaluation of the live presentation

Chapter 5 - Tools for making technical requirements

Chapter 6 - Sound field and monitoring

Chapter 7 - The Basic Presence of a Band on the Internet

Chapter 8 - Digital Strategy

Chapter 9 - Online Music

Chapter 10 - Youtube

Chapter 11 - The Strategic Plan

Chapter 12 - Work Schedule

Chapter 13 - Budget

Chapter 14 - Co-financing with platforms and brands

Chapter 15 - The Portfolio

Chapter 16 - The Press Release

Chapter 17 - The Flyer

Chapter 18 - The Clip

Chapter 19 - Merchandising

Chapter 20 - Discus Throw

Chapter 21 - Promoting a Concert

Chapter 22 - Strategic Alliances with Media


Original Idea and Development ( Poliedro ), Series design, production, realization and assembly (Chucky García, Nicolás Méndez) Locution (Edson Velandia) With the participation of (Electric Mistakes) Music by (Electric Mistakes, Frente Cumbiero, Mitú, Romperayo) Field Support (Irene Maldonado), Collaboration (El Cisne, Rhayuela Films, Tambora Records)