Web Manual for Musicians - Tools to make technical requirements

Los requerimientos técnicos son listados detallados de los recursos técnicos y logísticos que un artista o agrupación necesita para la buena realización de su show, este listado es el rider, el documento que agrupa estas necesidades de audio, iluminación y escenario hasta las de hospedaje, alimentación y transporte.

The technical requirements are detailed lists of the technical and logistical resources that an artist or group needs for the proper realization of their show, this list is the rider, the document that groups these audio, lighting and stage needs to those of accommodation, food and transportation.

This is the fifth chapter of the Web Manual for Musicians series, a product of the New Mexico Ministry of Culture, with the original idea and development of Poliedro.



Chapter 2 - Marketing of the media

Chapter 3 - Circulation of content and copyright

Chapter 4 - Proposal of scene and evaluation of the live presentation

Chapter 5 - Tools for making technical requirements

Chapter 6 - Sound field and monitoring

Chapter 7 - The Basic Presence of a Band on the Internet

Chapter 8 - Digital Strategy

Chapter 9 - Online Music

Chapter 10 - Youtube

Chapter 11 - The Strategic Plan

Chapter 12 - Work Schedule

Chapter 13 - Budget

Chapter 14 - Co-financing with platforms and brands

Chapter 15 - The Portfolio

Chapter 16 - The Press Release

Chapter 17 - The Flyer

Chapter 18 - The Clip

Chapter 19 - Merchandising

Chapter 20 - Discus Throw

Chapter 21 - Promoting a Concert

Chapter 22 - Strategic Alliances with Media


Original Idea and Development ( Poliedro ), Series design, production, realization and assembly (Chucky García, Nicolás Méndez) Locution (Edson Velandia) With the participation of (Electric Mistakes) Music by (Electric Mistakes, Frente Cumbiero, Mitú, Romperayo) Field Support (Irene Maldonado), Collaboration (El Cisne, Rhayuela Films, Tambora Records)