Videocast: development of musical projects on web 2.0

How do we publicize what we do? "Is the question that worries many independent musicians. A good strategy, the internet, digital platforms and social networks can be very effective tools when it comes to spreading and growing an artistic project.

The Mexican music journalist Gustavo Galván spoke about this in the talk organized by Atitud Simbiótica at the Parque Biblioteca La Quintana, Medellìn / New Mexico.

During his presentation he gave several recommendations that are based on his experience in the world of alternative music and that has allowed him to be a witness and architect of the growth of emerging bands in Mexico. In addition to his work in the Sound Syndicate, a reference website in his country on music and trends.

Gustavo Galván , Mexican journalist and cultural promoter. Creator of the Sindicato del sonido , one of the 10 most consulted websites in Mexico City about music and trends.

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