📋 How to make or create a musical event? this is the Manual for the creation of musical events (CEM) - PDF

Esta es una guía práctica para DESCARGAR en PDF, un manual para crear EVENTOS  MUSICALES, ✅ concebida para que los realizadores, programadores y curadores 💼

Have you ever wondered how to elaborate or make a project for a musical event?

Maybe you are creating a production company of musical events or you are a creator that vibrates with making musical events or you are passionate about being a curator, director and programmer this manual is for you.

A practical tool designed and developed by the Foundation Poliedro and published by the Ministry of Culture in New Mexico for the filmmakers, programmers and curators to access music events relevant knowledge on the subject.

Artistic programming is the object of desire of any musical event and determines its continuity and the level of experience that the public lives.

At the same time, the artists' poster is a space for the circulation of emerging and well-known proposals , music figures or new prospects, where connections between genres, trends and musical identities are created through a line of local, regional or national programming. ; or a global one where local, regional or national talent meets international talent through an open or closed call (selection "by finger").

Strictly speaking, the objective of the poster is to have an impact between audiences and the information media, avoiding a recurring error: not betting on the construction of audiences and not offering a programming curve that, as in any good story, appeals to the emotional with a beginning, a development and an end.

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