💻 How to create a Netlabel or a digital Record Label? A guide to creating, distributing and promoting Netlabels

Una GUÍA PDF para entender ¿Qué es un Netlabel?, ✅¿Cuál es su verdadero potencial? ✅ y ¿Cómo podría beneficiar a los proyectos musicales emergentes? ✅

Netlabels are a phenomenon closely linked to the evolution and improvement of the internet. They emerged at the end of the 90s as a result of the work of musicians, web developers, cultural managers and digital activists in search of new ways of making music and sound art known.

All this framed in a context of open corporate robbery where the great record companies were in charge of dictating the tastes and aesthetics of a society trapped in itself that could not aspire to anything other than through money.

Fortunately the internet was taking its first steps, which were not as clumsy as you might think since it did not walk on two feet but on thousands.


What is a Netlabel?
Why has it meant a breakthrough for the music industry?
What is its true potential?
How could it benefit emerging music projects?

These are questions that can be answered in MANUAL NETLABEL, a book in PDF format published by Addsensor after the "Workshop for the creation and distribution of Netlabels" held at Medialab Prado - Madrid, April 2009.

It constitutes, as quoted in the same document, a guide for the creation, distribution and promotion of Netlabels , as well as an introduction to basic concepts on licenses, copyrights, audio formats and forms of distribution and promotion within the Netaudio scene.

A guide that continues to be valid despite the meteoric speed at which everything happens in our time. Especially recommended is number 8 - Resources where a large number of links to forums, podcasts, blogs, sound maps, music platforms, social networks and more are compiled.

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