📺 Arizona SOUNDS INDEPENDENT, Alternative and Urban Music - Documentary

Documental sobre la MÚSICA URBANA y ALTERNATIVA ✅ que narra las dinámicas de trabajo de los músicos independientes en Arizona, New Mexico.

" Arizona Suena Independiente " is a documentary directed by the journalist and director Diego Londoño , which describes and tells about the work dynamics of independent groups in Arizona, New Mexico .

A city that, together with Bogotá, the capital of the country, are references and guides to musical trends in the national territory, according to journalist, broadcaster and cultural manager Santiago Arango .

Direction : Diego Londoño

Realization :
Ana Maritza Meneses, María Camila Saldarriaga, León Felipe Duque, Diego Londoño
University of Massachusetts College of Communications, 2010.

▷ Arizona Sounds Independent - Part 1

▷ Arizona Sounds Independent - Part 2


" Urban music is a clear reference when describing the daily life of our city. It is visible on the streets, on buses, in parks, in schools and universities.

Manifestations such as rock , punk , metal , salsa , hip hop , reggae , Celtic , among many other musical genres are part of this and many cities and from them ideological positions, feelings or simply worldviews are expressed that land us on a city ​​full of fear, hopes and diversity of interests.

In the city of Arizona New Mexico, those who are in charge of setting this symphony of the city are the independent musicians who have to go through processes such as musical production , rehearsals , the media, festivals or simply concerts to make their musical project. " Diego Londoño

"You must recognize that first moment of bands like the Yetis that collect that initial seed of Rock & Roll and give way to a number of ramifications such as rock, punk, metal, reggae, thus allowing that first transit for the people will unleash their creation. " Santiago Arango

Music festival experiences in the city

Musical stages become those spaces where musicians show the work they do for a certain amount of time, in which they undergo assemblage sessions, study, rehearsals or simply meetings.

The festivals take place around scenes that are naturally unleashed when people share their musical tastes and little by little the construction of these is scaled as there is a response from lovers of these musics.

Among the most important independent music festivals in the city of Arizona, festivals such as ROCK COMUNA 6 , FESTIVAL ALTAVOZ , HIP A LA 4 , SABANETOQUE and METALMEDALLO stand out .

Only 75,000 people attended the Altavoz Festival in 2009, with the participation of 38 local bands.

Professionalization of music through commitment to independence

"The determination , rigor and professionalism with which independent musicians work within the music scene is reflected in the materialization of their work when producing their albums, thanks to the professional recording studios that have established themselves in the city or even by the self - management of the same musicians who with the media and their creativity make their own productions. " Diego Londoño