The Seven Ages of Rock: Chapter 2, Art Rock - Documentary

La música y el espectáculo del Rock habían recorrido años luz desde los espectáculos lumínicos de Velvet Underground, ganaron sofisticación y estilo con David Bowie y Roxi Music, se volvieron surrealistas con Génesis, alcanzaron dimensiones épicas con los espectáculos de Pink Floyd.

Seven Ages Of Rock (The seven ages of Rock, in Spanish) is a BBC series, co-produced by BBC Worldwide and VH1 Classics, on the history of Rock music.

It had seven 60-minute episodes, reduced to 48 for VH1 Classics, with a final 90-minute episode. The series producer was William Naylor, and the executive producer was Michael Poole, former editor of the BBC program The Late Show.

Chapter 2: Art Rock

Rock music and spectacle had traveled light years from the Velvet Underground light shows, gained sophistication and style with David Bowie and Roxi Music , became surreal with Genesis , reached epic dimensions with Pink Floyd shows. The ideas and innovations that began in the 1960s and 1970s created a new dimension for popular music.


Chapter 1 - The Birth Of Rock
Chapter 2 - Art Rock
Chapter 3 - Punk Rock
Chapter 4 - Heavy Metal
Chapter 5 - Stadium Rock
Chapter 6 - Alternative Rock
Chapter 7 - Brit Rock